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2021 TrueMX "Patriot Kit" [Limited Edition]

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We would like to present to you the LIMITED EDITION 2021 TrueMX "Patriot Kit"!

Designed on the 2021 TrueMX Transfer Gear, the "Patriot Kit" offers all of same great features the Transfer Gear does! The jerseys offer compression sleeves, cuffs, and collar. The vented pants feature contrast stitching, accent piping, a protective liner, and removable hip pads. Lastly, the matching compression gloves include a microfiber palm and rubber velcro closure.

The Design & Production

We really wanted to create something different with the Patriot Kit. We have heard from many of you wanting to see more patriotic and red/white/blue style gear options. There are so many gear brands these days offering the typical red/white/blue or Stars and Stripes options, so we made a decision to go in a little different direction with this.

For starters, the entire base color of this kit (the burnt/brownish color) is a rendition of the paper backing to the Declaration of Independence. We sampled a high resolution image, where we blew up a small piece of the document with no text, and used it for the base color. 

The left and right arms feature a recreation of the text depicted in the preamble of the United States Constitution. Toward the wrist area on both arms, there are matching burn marks symbolizing the famous Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima.

As to stay consistent with the 2021 Transfer Gear, we de-emphasized our corporate logo and placed a large "USA" logo across the chest. On the left and right breast amongst shooting stars you will find a small corporate logo (TrueMX) and the Transfer Line logo. The upper 3rd of the front panel is sublimated with a NAVY BLUE, and the bottom 2 thirds feature burnt red stripes.

The design continues down the pants with the base color, navy blue, and red stripes. You will also find shooting stars and the corporate logos on the left leg. On the right leg, you will find a burn mark featuring Mount Rushmore, and the USA logo is displayed on the rear.

The gloves are rather simple, and include stars, stripes, and logos. The velcro closure is was made in the burnt red, with contrast stitching throughout.


The Patriot gear, for now, is being offered as a "preorder only" item. Interested parties can order this gear set within a set period of time. At the end of the ordering period, we will start production on the orders. Production typically takes about 30 days, however during COVID times, we have experienced delays with some of our production.  To help avoid this, we have already started on production of pants and gloves (items that typically take the longest).  We hope that we can avoid any delays and get this gear out to you ASAP! We also always produce extra pants and gloves to account for exchanges. We know that some of our newer customer may not have owned our gear before.  While our sizing is similar to most other brands, we know that exchanges are sometimes necessary.  


Production, Fulfillment & Customer Service

Many materials have been made and sourced here in the USA, however some specialty materials have been sourced abroad such as leather from Pakistan and Injection moulded straps, zippers, etc. from China. We would love to be able to say that this is 100% made in USA, but it is not and we want to make that clear. We also want to make sure that our customers know that we are located in Pennsylvania, where we prep and pack every order in PA. All orders are fulfilled in house and shipped VIA USPS to you right from our warehouse in Western PA. All customer service issues such as exchanges, returns, and warranty items are handled by our staff in PA.






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Would you be selling individual items of the Patriot Kit ?

I would like to order a pair or glovers?

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