2021 TrueMX Transfer Gear: First Look

Hey guys!

We are happy to FINALLY present the 2021 TrueMX Transfer Gear!  We have definitely hit a few snags this year, as 2020 has been a very interesting year to say the least. The pandemic has certainly slowed down production quite a bit, but we are now ramping back up and are excited to get back to work!

For now, we are offering the 2021 transfer gear in 3 color-ways. We kept the FLO/BLUE and PINK/BLUE, and swapped the ORNAGE/GRAY with ORANGE/BLUE! We have made some much needed improvements to the gear, however the overall cut and fit is the similar to the 2019 model.  Below we've noted some of the changes made for 2021.


2021 TrueMX Transfer Glove - FLO/BLUE

For 2021, we ditched the slip-on style and have added a velcro closure.  We had multiple requests for this over the past year, and we definitely agree that this change was a huge improvement. Most of the other features are consistent with the 2019 Transfer Glove, which include: Microfiber breathable palm, finger gripper, leather thumb protection, and a fade resistant sublimated design. 


The 2021 Transfer Jerseys feature compression sleeves and a polyester torso, with the same cut and fit as the 2019 model. Aside from the design, the only other change made to the jersey was the collar, which is now compression material as well.


 2021 TrueMX Transfer Pant - Orange/Blue

We've made three major changes to the Transfer pant for 2021. First, we opened up the knee area a little to allow for all types of braces to fit comfortably. We removed the full mesh liner and replaced it with a 1/2 length "hip to knee" liner to avoid snags. We've also adjusted the rise to reduce bagginess, and removed the rear vents.  Most of the other features remain, such as the knee vents, stretch materials, piping, and genuine leather inner knee guards.


Aside from the adjustments to the pants, sizing is relatively the same as 2019.  A size chart for the pants can be found on the listing page.  Jerseys fit true to size, with plenty of room for under jersey chest protectors & roost deflectors. Youth sizes are also available. 


The 2021 Transfer gear is currently in production, and is now available for preorder. Production is set to finish up the first week or two in September and the gear is due in stock September 15th. We are monitoring the situation with COVID and are confident we will not experience delays, however in these uncertain times, anything is possible.  We are offering our Factory Installed Sublimated ID option for FREE throughout the duration of the preorder. Please keep in mind that the Factory ID option takes about 30 days from the date of order. Pricing for the 2021 Transfer gear will remain the same as the 2019 Transfer gear. We have listed the pricing below:

  • Pants: $129.95
  • Jerseys: $59.95 (Factory ID option + $30.00)
  • Gloves: $24.95

We hope you guys like the changes, color-ways, and design for 2021 and can't wait for you guys to try this stuff out!  Click the link below to browse styles and sizes!


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