TrueMX improving Transfer goggle line

I'm sure by now, some of you have seen an image or two of our new Transfer goggles floating around..  Here is another peek at what our new Transfer goggle could look like!

We have been spending a lot of time working on revamping our entire goggle line-up.  We are focusing on streamlining the both the #TRUTH and Transfer goggle, so that they can accept the same lenses and tear offs. Yes - interchangeable lenses and tear offs!

For those of you that use both models, we feel this will help keep your out-of-pocket expenses down! This will also help to avoid confusion at checkout.  Too often our customers have ordered the wrong lenses or tear offs - resulting in them needing to mail them back to exchange them, or just eat the cost! That sucks!

Okay, so now for the specifics:

The new Transfer goggles will be offered in our three Transfer color options: Flo/Navy - Pink/Brand Blue - Orange/Gray.  They will come standard with a clear anti-fog lens - with an optional mirror lens add on (discounted or possibly included)... Color options for the add on will be: Inferno, True Blue, Arctic Silver, or a second clear lens. These goggles will feature 3 stage foam, anti slip strap, and an optional nose piece.

Included at no additional cost:

  • 1 pack of tear offs (10 pack) 
  • Mirror lens (possibly)
  • Cloth bag for safe storage
  • 2 stickers


Roll Off System -

We will now offer a completely new roll off system with a wide format film that covers much more of the lens (about 20% more).  This will give you a much better range of vision than previously offered with our #TRUTH roll off system.  It will come completely assembled and include 1 roll of film and mud flap.

When will they be ready?

We are working to release these new goggle as soon as possible. We are still putting the finishing touches on them and will offer a preorder soon (within a few weeks).  We will be able to give a more accurate delivery date when we establish the preorder option.

Thank you all for being patient as our small brand grows! We appreciate all of the support from our Amateur Support riders and customers.  Please comment below with any questions or concerns and we will try our best to reply to you ASAP!


TrueMX Team

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