40mm Roll Off System | TrueMX
$ 34.95 X

Our new roll off system now comes standard with an embossed clear anti fog lens and a wide format film.  At 40mm tall, this film covers about 20% more of the lens than our previous system!

System comes fully assembled and ready for install. 


  • 2018/2019 Transfer Goggle
  • 2018/2019/2020 #TRUTH Goggle


  • Embossed Clear Anti Fog lens that keeps film off of lens and ensures smooth sliding film
  • Improved left and right canister for quick and easy open/close
  • Revised pulley system keeps dirt out to prevent jams
  • Wide format film (40mm) covers 20% more of the lens for maximum vision
  • Mud flap to keep elements from falling between film and lens

90 day warranty

30 day money back guarantee

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Vendor: TrueMX

Type: Roll Off System