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  • Get paid REAL Money, not gift cards or store credit
  • Offer your friends a 25% discount and receive 10% commission when they buy! 
  • No minimum requirements and no fees to enroll


  1. Sign up below to become an authorized TrueMX Affiliate
  2. Receive confirmation email with instructions to log into your dashboard
  3. Obtain your affiliate link
  4. Share your affiliate link
  5. Monitor progress via the online dashboard
  6. Get paid for your sales!

ANYONE that uses YOUR affiliate link will AUTOMATICALLY receive a 25% discount at checkout! Be sure to tell your friends and family!

A few great ways to share your 25% discount link and start earning commissions :

- Social Media (Facebook post, IG bio link, etc.)

- Email your link to friends

- Text your link to friends

- Share your link on your personal website or blog

Your affiliate link has a 15 day cookie window. What this means - once a customer has visited our website via your referral link, any purchases they make within 15 days will be credited to your account.

TEST YOUR ACCOUNT: Make sure link discount is working and commission tracking is working: Order something small from the website to test your account (sticker pack, tear off pack, closeout item), then log into your dashboard to confirm everything is working properly. Make sure the cart discount (25%) is applied and view your commission on your dashboard. The sale/commission may take up to 30 minutes to register on your dashboard.

All commissions are paid out in arrears via PayPal. Payouts occur the first week of every month for the previous months sales.  Be sure to link your PayPal account. If you have any questions or experience issues, email us at -

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