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Patriot Gear is BACK!

We are happy to announce that the Patriot Gear is back! We have given the design a slight refresh while still keeping some of the amazing features that made this gear so cool! The 2022 Patriot gear is built on the 2022 Transfer Line.  If you currently have any of our transfer gear, then you know exactly how this gear fits and performs.

The Design & Production

When we started brainstorming about the redesign, we didn't feel comfortable completely redesigning this gear from the ground up. We decided instead to make some slight alterations based on feedback from the original Patriot gear.

On the original Patriot Kit, the entire base color (the burnt/brownish color) was a rendition of the paper backing to the Declaration of Independence. We sampled a high resolution image, where we blew up a small piece of the document with no text, and used it for the base color. For the 2022 Gear, we limited this color to the areas where it made sense, and then filtered in a lot of white in other areas. We think this helps make the gear look a little cleaner.

We removed the Declaration of Independence text from both arms, and focus it primarily on the right side of the gear. The right sleeve, glove, and pant leg all bare this design. 

On the left side, we used the navy blue base color with contrasting white stars. The left sleeve also depicts the national bird, the American Bald Eagle.


We went with a mismatching glove design on this kit, to stay consistent with the difference in design incorporated on either side of the gear. The gloves are made with a compression top, microfiber bottom, and have a velcro closure.


The Patriot Gear is available exclusively at 


Production, Fulfillment & Customer Service

Many materials have been made and sourced here in the USA, however some specialty materials have been sourced abroad such as leather from Pakistan and Injection moulded straps, zippers, etc. from China. We would love to be able to say that this is 100% made in USA, but it is not and we want to make that clear. We are located in Pennsylvania, where we prep and pack every order. All orders are fulfilled in house and shipped VIA USPS. Gear orders largely qualify for FREE SHIPPING, and we ship all gear via USPS - PRIORITY (2-3 day shipping).

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