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Thank you for visiting www.truemx.com!  TrueMX (TMX) is a small, family owned company located in Western Pennsylvania, with a passion and dedication to motorsports. Our mission is to offer quality, affordable race wear products to racers, freestyle competitors, and recreational riders.  Through our Amateur Support Program, we are able to provide support to riders of all ages and skill levels. One of the biggest challenges for amateur competitors is the financial burden associated with this great sport.  Our "fix" to this is to be able to offer the highest quality products at great discounts to our support riders.  Visit the Amateur Support page to apply online!  

Interested in becoming a retailer? Want to sell TrueMX products at your track or shop? Please contact us at info@truemx.com.  We are currently working on rolling out a dealer program and would love to hear from you.  

Email:  Support@truemx.com

Instagram: @truemx

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Our current warehouse does not have a mailing address, so please send all mail to:

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PO box 368
Beaver, PA 15009