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Our preorder process can be a little confusion if you have not ordered from us previously. Each preorder listing for newly released gear will contain an estimated "in stock" date. This may be a specific date, a date range, or "beginning of/End of" month. This identifies when the pants, gloves, and stock jerseys will be in stock. Stock jerseys contain no customization and cannot be customized after the fact due to the sublimation process. They are strictly for quick ship purposes or customers who do not want their name/number on the back. Jersey customization takes about 30 days, give or take, depending on the line, time of year, and customer demand. The 30 day production duration is not in addition to the "in stock" date, and can run simultaneously with pant and glove production.

Let's pretend a preorder listing is launched on our website on May 15, and has an "in stock" date of June 15.

Example 1: If you were to preorder the gear on May 15 with jersey customization, your order would ship on June 15. Production on your customized jersey would finish the same time the pants and gloves would. Your order would ship June 15.

Example 2: If you were to preorder the gear on May 28 with jersey customization, your pants and gloves would be in stock on June 15, but your jersey would still be in production until the 28th (30 day production time). Your order would ship on the June 28.

Example 3: If you were to preorder the gear on any date from May 15 to June 15 without jersey customization, your gear would ship on June 15.

If you are unsure about the preorder process or have questions, please do not hesitate to email us at!